Rising on the land of Teos, an ancient city which used to be the capital of Northern İonia 3 thousand years ago and known for establishing the first Guild of Artists in the history, Maya is the first “eco-friendly” boutique hotel in the region.

Our hotel is located in Sığacık, a small district famous for its fish and mandarins o the coast of Seferihisar, the first Slow City in Turkey.

Adapting to the lifestyle of Seferihisar, the first “Citta Slow” in Turkey, Maya Bistro Hotel Beach embraces nature, animals and organic lifestyle by creating a living environment which is ideal for nature and animals.

Our hotel, situated close to Big Akkum which is the most favourite beach in

Seferihisar, is the meeting point of nature lovers in addition to those who yearn for a holiday with their pets, favour the Aegean Sea and have a passion for surfing and diving.

During your stay in Maya Hotel, you will have the privilege to taste the delicious and organic cuisine of Maya Bistro and sip the cocktails we will prepare for you while you are sunbathing at Maya Beach.

Maya Bistro Hotel Beach is ready to welcome you to a tranquil, peaceful and also lively holiday to make the most of the sea, sun and nature in summer and winter with its 25 detached guest rooms with private balconies, specially decorated for the comfort of our guests.

See you soon…