Sığacık is a small district famous for its fish and mandarins on the coast of Seferihisar, a beautiful coastal town in İzmir. It is as colourful as it is tranquil and quiet.

Sığacık is a settlement inside a citadel. Dating back to the Seljuk times in the 16 th century, Sığacık Citadel was not isolated from the inhabitants during the restoration activities. It has a prominent place among citadel settlements in the world.

Sığacık has gained popularity in the world in recent years. Along with Seferihisar, it was named as the first Citta Slow in Turkey in 2009. Organic lifestyle is not a luxury in this district where you can taste delicious grapes, mandarins, artichokes and olives.

Go out on Sunday and you will bear witness the perfect synthesis of solidarity, productivity and art in addition to the delicious food as you wander around famous Sığacık Bazaar. Local people sell fresh vegetables and fruits, Aegean herbs or the food they cook in front of their houses while chatting with their neighbours with smiling faces.

Daily fresh fish becomes a livelihood for some and a delicious meal for others in the marina.

Sığacık has a quite big marina. In summer season, boat tours are organized to pristine bays displaying the biodiversity of the Aegean sea every day.

Akkum Beaches will be the ideal location to swim in this small district surrounded with blue flags. The Big Akkum Beach will stun you with various hues of blue.