Teos is one of the most well-known ancient cities in international archaeology literature with lots of national and international papers written on the city.

Situated on seaside at a walking distance to Sığacık, Teos was the capital of Northern İonia 3 thousand years ago.

Teos is significant in terms of its architecture as well as being a trade hub.

Teos welcomed artists who were banished from their hometowns on grounds of causing unrest and became the first city to establish a Guild of Artists in the history.

Anacreon, Antimakhos, Epicuros, Nausiphanes, Apellikon, prominent Greek philosophers and artists in the ancient period, as well as Hecataeus, the historian, lived in Teos.

Important sightseeing in Teos Ancient City:

  • Remnants from Hellenistic and Roman times
  • Dionysus Temple
  • Agora
  • Theatre
  • Senate Building
  • City walls
  • Teos Ancient Port