Fresh & NATURALMaya Bistro

Seferihisar is the first “Citta Slow” in Turkey. In line with the inherent values of this town, we take care to use organic food supplied from local manufacturers in our restaurant.

The hors d’oeuvres are prepared daily in Maya Bistro and the fish is always fresh as they come from the flourishing waters of Sığacık.

We procure the vegetables and herbs from the local manufacturer bazaar in Seferihisar according to which we prepare the food with the vegetables and Aegean herbs of the season.

In order to serve you a delicious breakfast in Maya Bistro, we procure the delicatessen products from a well-known dairy in Seferihisar. Also, we offer homemade jams and organic eggs at the breakfast.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Maya Bistro in order to serve you the best food along with meticulous services and a rich alcoholic beverage menu to be enriched with the splendid sea view of Sığacık in a warm and friendly atmosphere.